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What Judoka and others say

Willy Cahill
8th Dan, Founder and CEO & Co-Founder Blind Judo Foundation, former Olympic Judo Coach USA

"Judo has been and continues to be my life for over 64 years. As the former US Olympic and US Paralympic Judo Coach, I have seen many successes on the mat and off the mat where the sport of Judo has been the foundation for excelling in all areas of peoples life. Therefore we need to do everything possible to spread the word about Judo and its inherent values for all. The project has impressed me very much and I think that the Judo world deserves a passionate plan like this!"

Neil Adams
MBE - 8th Dan

"Many may call me a Judo expert. I humbly accept that honour. The whole truth is, I am still learning, constantly evolving, moulding ideas from what I learn. It is so important, especially in these days of ever emerging technology to have a world-wide connection so we can all learn from each other for the sole purpose of advancing our Sport and Art of Judo. I support wholeheartedly these information-based initiatives."

Elke Petersen-Rusch
Trainer, referee, author

Ha-jime! "Judo for all" - that was always my motto. And at it all comes together: common exchange, getting new ideas, benefit form the knowledge of others and much more form and for the Judo world.

Niki Adams
4th Dan, Canadian Olympian 1996

"Whether we see Judo as a hobbyist or as a professional, both paths take dedication and perseverance towards the delivery of knowledge. It is a grave responsibility a coach accepts in that in order to keep the sport and art flourishing, personal & professional development must be quested after. Communities such as this are invaluable in terms of deleting the political obstacles and creating pathways to enlightenment."

Ron Peck
CFO & Co-Founder Blind Judo Foundation

„Judo has given so much to all of us – it is time to give back: Our strength, our minds and hearts, our network!

Walter Dean
9th Dan, International Master Coach, Member of the Masters Hall of Fame

Having traveled the World for over sixty years teaching and promoting Martial Arts and Judo it is time to think out of the box. is not a Facebook clone but an interactive site that you can search for and market judo activates. We all know the way to the Olympics and Paralympics is to start with more white belts as the broader your base the taller your pyramid can be. To do that, we need to get the word out about judo. Although is to launch December 2013 it is adding benefits almost weekly that will make this a winner. This is an informative tool not only for the Dojo and Coach but the student. This is a none political approach to communicate and grow judo.

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Your profile is your unique Judo-Identity - always and everywhere, online and offline! Judo organisations can employ it to simplify procedures and processes. Use it to register for tournaments and other events, check-in with it and enable organisers to automatically update your profile with your results. Download your personal Judo-Card - and much more!